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Auto - Home - Business

Cars Opened and Homes Opened - 15 Min Service

New Locks Installed                Master Keying                   Dead Bolts Installed
Boat Key's - Car Key's             File Cabinet Keys               Mail Box locks Installed
Auto Ignitions                         Broken keys removed        Lost Keys Replaced
Electronic Push Button            Antique Locks                    Century Safe Service

25 Years of Excellent Customer Service

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LICENSED       BONDED      INSURED                    24 Hour Mobile Service 425-881-7777


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  Highest AAA+ Business Rating

Video - Electronic Push Button Lock For Your Home

Keyless Push Button Locks
For Your Home and Business
The Keyless Entry Lock Featured
High Security Unbreakable Handle
Installation and Programming
Doors Adjusted for Proper Closure
Door Frames Repaired
Extra Long Security Screws
Silver - Gold - Dark Brown

Welcome to Redmond Locksmith
Redmond Locksmith

  Provides fast reliable professional 24 hour
emergency locksmith service and low prices.
We stand behind our workmanship 100%.
Over 25 years serving Redmond

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Electronic Push Button Bolt Lock

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Mobile Service with keys to any lock!

Video of Patented Broken Key Extraction
Patented by Doug - 20 Years ago

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Large Brass Handle House Keys

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New Patented Interior Flip Lock

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Commercial Key Pad Lock - 170,000 uses per battery life

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24 Hour Mobile Service

Fall City
North Bend

Redmond Locksmith
Licensed - Bonded - Insured

4 Digit Auto Re-Lock - Home and Business

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Push Bar with Exterior Lever Handle
(AAA+ Business Rating)
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   Recently move into a new home?
Then you should have the lock 'key pins' changed!
So that your keys are different from the
previous owner ( Re-Keyed ).

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Sept 2013 we filed a lawsuit against Yelp in Federal District Court Seattle for Extortion Libel and Unfair Business Practice - 12 Sept 2016 the Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit San Francisco made a ruling on the case -
Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. Lawsuit Federal District Court Seattle
Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. Memorandum District Court Seattle
Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. Opening Brief Federal Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit San Francisco
Since 2014 the number of complaints filed against Yelp with the Federal Trade Commission have more than doubled from 2,046 in April 2014 to 5,392 Sept 2016.. Complaints of extortion libel false reviews and phony one star ratings on businesses that refuse to pay Yelp for "advertising". The federal court of appeals ruled Yelp is not liable for false defaming speech and one star ratings that it publishes, and that Yelp is protected against lawsuits that result, under the 1996 Internet law called the 'Communications Decency Act' also known as the "CDA 230".
[ The "CDA 230" is an oblsolete piece of Internet legislation passed by congress in 1996 to help the newly created Internet flourish unencumbered by lawsuits, an unintended consequence was the protection of false libelous defaming speech. The statute is still in effect because of millions of dollars paid to lobbyists, and supporters of the law, by Internet companies like Yelp and the 'electronic frontier foundation' who spent 5.5 million last year supporting the "CDA 230". ] Similar cases in the appeals courts include Levitt v. Yelp and Hassell v. Yelp Inc.
Watch the soon to be released documentary about Yelp -
'Billion Dollar Bully'

Original Review - from 2010 about a company named 'Redmond Mobile 425-318-4257',
which is conected to a $15, $19, $25, $35 locksmith, bait and switch consumer scam, still appearing on Google, ( the first 3 listings, on any Google locksmith page ). Ref: / Today Show Locksmith Scam
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Yelp placed this review, ( the review is not about Redmond Locksmith ) below our business listing on Google from 2011 to the present, after we refused to agree to a $300.00 per month advertising contract. The 9th Federal Circuit ruled 12 Sept 2016, Yelp is not liable, for any loss of business, or reputation, that occurred as a result. Losses which totaled, several hundred thousand dollars in retail sales over a 5 year period. The "highlighted" listing shown below is the top listing on Google search, costing $1,000.00 per month in 2014, the false Yelp review and one star rating negated the advertising. We cancelled the Google advertising, in 2014. Yelp uses these shock value commercial promotions to drive traffic to the Yelp website.

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FTC Document -

Postal Inspector Affidavitt -
Explains $15 $19 $25 $35 Bait and Switch